restoration by MOUTH oral Allon4 restoration by MOUTH oral Allon4

Fixed embedded dentures

All on 4 Hybrid

It is a treatment technique that is used for rehabilitation
to all the teeth of a jaw in 4 dental implants.

Get rid of the loose denture!

Every treatment we apply is customized to your personal needs. We are able to concentrate on achieving the aesthetic, biological and functional results you desire.

Radiological control - Treatment plan
Placement of the implants
Imprinting and placement of temporary restoration
Imprinting and placement of permanent prosthetic work

Dental implants

Dental implants are the most effective form of teeth restoration because they fully simulate the natural teeth.

Totally ceramic Zirconium works

We can create a glamorous and beautiful smile. You just have to show it up!

E-max ceramic faces

If your teeth are somehow less than ideal with cracks, dyschromias, disproportionate sizes, it is a reason to trust the Oral Restoration.

Vαn Plast

Flexible partial denture, organic, without any unsightly hooks. Get rid of the metal movable structures.

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